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Why a podcast about film in GA?

There has never been a better time to live in Atlanta if you work in the film industry. From film, to TV, to indie - everywhere you look there are yellow signs pointing you to set. As writers, filmmakers, and actors living in Atlanta, Georgia - Nicole and Sarah wanted to celebrate Georgia’s vibrant film community. Each month, Sarah and Nicole interview a local filmmaker, actor, or craftsperson in the film industry and sit down with them to watch and discuss a film or television show filmed in Georgia. We’ll discover some gems from Georgia’s film history, get to know the people in our community hustlin’ to make their dreams happen, and share our journey as filmmakers along the way.

The Georgia Made Podcast is produced by Critical Crop Top Media. Sarah and Nicole are lifetime film nerds and previously co-hosted The Feminine Mistake Podcast with filmmaker Hillary R. Heath for three seasons.

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